Forward Motion Equine LLC


**Please read this page in its entirety so that you know what is expected**

Appointments within an hour drive from Zionsville, PA are not charged a travel fee. Areas covered are PA, NJ, DE, MD, NY, CT and Eastern OH. Travel fees are based on $65/ hr. if more than an hour drive. More pricing information is seen below.


When scheduling an appointment, understand Tara may be scheduling 1-2 months out depending on the time of the year.  She does her best to fit everyone in but prides herself on being on time and scheduling enough time with each client.


If scheduling a saddle fitting, pictures are needed prior to the fitting to better assist Tara so that she knows how to prepare and what needs to be brought to the fitting. All pictures must be taken while the horse is standing straight and square while being held, not cross tied. Taking them with a Smartphone and sending via text is best as they stay with your contact information on her iPhone. The following camera angles are required so that she can see the shape and symmetry of the horse, placement of the saddle, and general fit as it sits on your horse.

Left and right side:







Back where saddle sits:















With saddle girthed up, no pads- left right and back:









Pictures are easiest viewed through a text message however email is fine too.


Day of the appointment:

  • She asks that the horses are in from the field and groomed and ready to be worked on, and that all your equipment be ready and out to begin when she arrives. Be dressed to ride. The dynamic portion of the saddle fit is under saddle, so she will need to see the horse work. If horses need to be lunged prior to a saddle fitting, please do so.



**If you are only having bodywork done, a clean, but not bathed horse is greatly appreciated. Please be available to hold you horse or have an assistant available if you can not be there.




Massage Therapy: $125


Equitaping: $25-75


Saddle Fitting (initial evaluation): $125

  • If trying saddles, there will be an additional $75 over and above the initial hour of evaluation.

  • Appointments over an hour away are an additional $65 per hour of drive time. This fee can be split up among the amount of fittings done at the barn.


Flocking Adjustments: $85-$100


Tree Adjustments:  $250


Cair conversion to Wool: $350


Foam conversion to Wool (some saddles can be done): $350


Total Reflock:  $350


Additional work i.e. Replace billets, small repairs are quoted based on job needed.


Other work is subcontracted out such as ripped seats, broken trees, new panels, etc. by Mike Scott and David Young. Requires shipping.


Procedures and Pricing:

Back where saddle sits1 IMG_4768 leftbay right bay