Forward Motion Equine LLC


Incorporating many different techniques into her therapy method and style, Tara uses a combination of Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Trager, Myofascial Release, Energy Work, Stretching, Posture Prep Grooming and Acupressure. To assist and further support her work,  Equi-tapeing, Bio-Pulse Magnetic Therapy, and an extremely effective four line cold laser by Erchonia and Erchonia Percussor are used to further facilitate the healing process.  


When further assistance is needed in the healing process, Tara and her husband, PJ Crowley III have an amazing tool at their disposal- an Underwater Treadmill. The Aquaciser is a stationary unit used to rehab horses back to work when injured. It is also used as a training and conditioning platform to enhance cardiovascular fitness and even development and straightness. Horses love the treadmill. Each session is designed to the horse where they are in their rehab or training schedule. Trailer-ins are welcome on an appointment basis. Arrangements are made with your vet when rehab is necessary.


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