Forward Motion Equine LLC


Massage Therapy:

Each horses' body tells a story. It's mechanics, range of motion, scars, symmetry and temperament are affected by what has happened in their lives. Their muscle memory holds and stores this information until it can be positively affected and changed.


Tara's passion of evaluating this "story" and reprogramming the muscle memory is where it begins. A movement assessment details what may be going on with restrictions through the body. Then through  bodywork, posture is changed through releasing these areas of restriction where the body had been patterned to hold the old muscle memory. It re-learns a better and more efficient way to function and motion. The end result is a more balanced and comfortable creature who is encouraged and allowed to then start to work and train and develop more symmetrically. Where there is straightness and flexibility, there is a body that begin to develop more correctly and evenly, thus lessening the fatigue stage, and breakdown of the athlete.


Figuring what makes them function better to ensure a longer, more productive life is the goal of Forward Motion Equine, LLC.