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Professional Massage Therapy and Saddle Fitting/Flocking for Equines and their Navigators


About Forward Motion

Have you ever had questions as to whether or not your horse is truly comfortable and if there is more that can be done to improve their natural movement and mechanics? Do you have a saddle that will allow you and your horse to progress in your training program? Are you tired of sales reps pushing saddles that are not right for you?


Because of Tara's lifelong equine background as a Rehabilitation Specialist, horse trainer, instructor, Independent Saddle Fitter, massage therapist, rider, and driver, she evaluates the whole horse. Being well rounded in all of these aspects give her an advantage to see, feel, understand and suggest what can be done to improve your training regiment and relationship with your horses, no matter what discipline, for years to come. Find out why her customers have used her for years!





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Saddle Fitting/ Massage



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